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am a single parent and it can be a real juggle to keep everything afloat! Although AllChoice has always given me great service in the past,Trish has gone the extra mile to assist me this year! I so appreciate her understanding and treating me like a valued customer-I am glad my business is valued. Trish has offered just the right answers when I was frustrated over trying to remedy situations and manage time constraints. I so appreciate her kindness to me!

Victoria W. – Greensboro, NC


t has been a pleasure to have known and worked with Jack Wingate and ALLCHOICE Insurance since our move to North Carolina five years ago. Upon meeting Jack, my husband and I felt we not only had a trusted insurance agent but also a true friend. Several times Jack has been more than willing to provide assistance outside of the range of insurance needs. With ALLCHOICE, we are assured that we are receiving the coverage that is needed and at the best price. I highly recommend ALLCHOICE and Jack Wingate.

Dana D. – Oak Ridge, NC


e have been very pleased with our agents at ALLCHOICE! Jack has been very helpful when we have needed anything.

M Jackson – Randleman, NC


 want to take a moment to complement you and your team for always providing great customer service. Over the past few months, my wife and I have changed vehicles a couple times and added a motorcycle. Each time, I’d contact ALLCHOICE and they would make sure every detail was covered.

I came to ALLCHOICE by coincidence after the agency I was with decided to longer carry Erie Insurance. Anytime change comes along, apprehension can be normal but we’re much happier now with ALLCHOICE. Thanks for all you do and keep up the good work.

Tim N – Stoneville, NC


 am a longtime client and advocate for ALLCHOICE. They are quick in response time and make my job easier.

I have been in real estate since 2003 and have used ALLCHOICE exclusively. They have worked with me on many fronts. I know that I can refer friends & clients and they will leave happy.

As for myself they have made me very happy as their quotes always beat the competition! My agent is not only a great businessman but I consider him a friend.

ALLCHOICE has a way of getting straight to business but not forgeting relationship.

Kriston G. – Greensboro, NC


LLCHOICE Insurance has very friendly customer service people. If don’t understand my policy they will make sure I am satisfied and get a clear understanding.

Sarah R. – Greensboro, NC 


 have used ALLCHOICE for years. My business, home,rental property,and vehicles are all insured by ALLCHOICE.

Thank goodness I have had no problems in the past, but I do know that if I do Jack will be there to help!

Cinda W. – Summerfield, NC


 first met Jack Wingate while he was an agent at the NC Farm Bureau. He was recommended to me by my realtor and I have stayed with him ever since. It’s been since 2003. Once I found out he left NC Farm Bureau, I went along with him, not because of any complaints with NC Farm Bureau but because he is a spectacular and amazing agent and friend.

He has been able to help me with almost anything. I would recommend him to everyone.

He treats us as family and we value his personal and business relationship. Thanks to his advice, my girls and I will be okay even after losing my husband in 2007. I do not know where we would be without Jack. I have so much faith and confidence in him and ALLCHOICE.

As always Jack, thank you so much for everything.

Jean G. – Stokesdale, NC


e have all our insurance with ALLCHOICE. 5 rental houses, our home, General Liability (business), personal umbrella, Workers Comp (business), and personal autos. So needless to say we are fans!

Our agent, Jack Wingate is why we are with you. He is always finding ways to save us money and with so many policies that is important. I can always reach Jack with questions or concerns and he and his team are the best at getting me answers and assistance. I love the billing which gives the optional payment plan, with so many projects sometimes I can make the full payment but if funds are low, a partial payment works. For my business, that is key.

Thank goodness, we have not had any real problems, but I know if we do, I am covered and that the my agent will be right by my side to help. Thanks so much to Jack Wingate in the Greensboro, NC office for making my insurance decisions easy and painless. Thanks, ALLCHOICE.

Susan M. – Winston Salem, NC


ack, You have helped me in so many ways with clients and my mother. You are just awesome and just last week a client came into the bank looking for another insurance company and I sent them to you… You’re the best!

Robin R. – Greensboro, NC


 was new to Greensboro, NC. We had just moved to the area. I needed to change my auto license and insurance. Gene came by the store one day and we got to talking. He shared what he did and I needed some help. Gene provided me with great service. He would come to my work, for I put in a number of hours, and take care of everything that was needed.

Ali A. –Greensboro, NC


 was pleased when I meet Gene with ALLCHOICE Insurance. He was able to protect my business right and provide savings. I had a conflict with my auto coverage some time later and Gene was able to provide the professional service I needed and again provide savings. Having all my coverage: business, auto, home, and life with one agency and one company is great.

Tim L. – Kernersville, NC


here is so a reason on this Earth that I know you and we have good rapport! I really appreciate you having my interests first at hand. These efforts really help me out a great deal at this time in my career. It has been a struggle to manage things as a single (and I mean solo provider!) parent!

I am accustomed to most things being a challenge. When we retired our call, I have to admit, I cried. Your helpfulness and laughter really lifted my spirits! You are always professional with a personal touch-does your boss know your work? Does he know how much clients appreciate you?

Thanks so much for the quick follow-up (and having my back!).

Victoria W – Greensboro, NC



 would like to take a moment to let you know how very much I appreciate all that you and the staff at ALLCHOICE Insurance do for our COMPANIES. There have been many times during our association with your company that we have needed immediate assistance and we have never been let down! Not only have I been delighted with the efficiency of you and your staff, but the friendliness and professionalism in your office definitely exceeded our expectations!
Insurance is an industry that requires a lot of trust on the customers’ part and I can safely say that we will continue to trust ALLCHOICE with our business!

Thank you for all you do.

Rene H. – Fuquay Varina, NC (Construction Industry)


n today’s world with voice answering systems, it is a huge pleasure to get a live voice at ALLCHOICE.  That is customer service!  I am continually amazed at how accessible the employees (and owners) at ALLCHOICE are.  I am also comforted that ALLCHOICE makes complicated insurance simple to understand.  ALLCHOICE is synonymous with Customer Service.  Thanks for all you do.

MaryEllen Z – Raleigh, NC (Construction Industry)


LLCHOICE has covered us for since 2004. We are very pleased with the management and the super staff.

They have shopped our Insurance and afforded us the best coverage for the lowest possible price. We had a water damage claim a few years back and the adjuster was immediately available. The disaster people were on location on Sunday and we were back in operation by Wednesday of the next week.

Thank you Jack and Staff.

Grady P – Greensboro, NC (Mortgage Brokerage Owner)


 have been with ALLCHOICE since 2008 and I am very happy with Jack and his staff. Jack is very knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. I recommend ALLCHOICE to my friends & business associates.

Mark H. – Burlington, NC (Construction Company Owner)



hanks for making our transition into our photography business so easy. With coverage from ALLCHOICE I can be more relaxed knowing I am protected.

Thank you!

Jill M. – High Point, NC (Photography Studio)


 was pleased to find that I could save over 19% on my business and rental property insurance cost. When Gene Martin first asked me, I was not sure if it would be worth it. When Gene and Jack Wingate came back with the numbers I was pleased. It is always great to have saving. With your business assets at risk you also have to trust those helping to protect them. The guys at ALLCHOICE Insurance have done a professional job. They provide detail information and answered all my questions.

Lloyd S. – Greensboro, NC (Furniture Store Owner / Rental Property)


 just gotta say, I love the way you guys have handled this.  Your website is great and all of the automation is wonderful… it sure made it easy for me.

Trena C. – Kings Mountain, NC (Gaming Supplier / Commercial Real Estate)


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