If you are in business…in the year 2018…then you MUST have a professional digital presence!

Please note, these tips are the MINIMUM requirements to have a Professional Digital presence today!  We will save social media presence and tips for a later episode.

There are 3 things that you must do TODAY to give yourself a Professional Digital Presence:

  1. Buy & Register your own website domain
  2. Have your own website
  3. Have a professional email address


This is the starting point!  Different people have different suggestions when it comes to “how” you determine what your domain should be.  I don’t think you should overthink things!  If you already have a business name (ex. XYZ Company) then try and pick a domain that includes this.

NOTE – you don’t need to include “LLC” or “inc” in the domain.

“Someone already owns the domain name, what do I do?” There are some options when it comes to the making a “.co” “.net” or a bunch of other “. Whatever” extensions.  I don’t suggest going this route unless you have to.  Instead, think about what your business does, where it does business, and who you do business with (your clients) and come up with a domain to that suits one or all of those.

NOTE – try not to make your domain name LONG…that becomes a pain.

While there are a number of places where you can research domain and purchase them…I suggest one of the following

  1. Go Daddy – www.godaddy.com
  2. Google – https://domains.google/
  3. Microsoft – This can be done if using Office 365 (we will discuss later)


Come on people!!!  As hard as it is to believe, there are still a TON of people/businesses that do not have a website!  In case you don’t know, studies show that approximately 80% of all people research or look online to help make purchase decisions.  If you don’t have a website, you aren’t being seen. PERIOD!

I don’t care if you run a “Main Street business”, a multi-level marketing business, or any other style business…you need your own website.  Your website is where you create your own personal brand.  Your website is where people learn about you!  You website is where people will decide whether or not you are WORTH THEIR TIME!

In 2004 when I started ALLCHOICE, one of the first things I decided to invest in was a WEBSITE.  Back then, websites were expensive and didn’t really provide any function to the business (other than look pretty).  Just like most other technologies over the years…the price to build and implement a FUNCTIONAL website has dropped dramatically.

Today, there are even places where you can purchase “templates”, or design and build a website on your own.  While these are viable options, I suggest researching and finding a Professional Web Designer.  Not only will they build you a pretty site…they will make sure that your site performs well on all platforms (desktop, mobile, etc).  In addition, they can and will help you optimize your site for organic search!

While you should research on your own…I can always HIGHLY suggest my “web-guy”.  I have been using Zach at Nextwave for the past 10 years (note he is currently doing ANOTHER refresh / rebrand for us).

Nextwave Concepts – https://nextwaveconcepts.com/


While I saved this one for last…this is what gave me the inspiration for this episode!

While there are a number of communication options today…text message, Facebook Messenger, Instagram Message, phone, US Mail, etc…the number one way businesses communicate today is via EMAIL!  That is why I am amazed when I get business communications from professionals from an email address that ends in “@yahoo”, “@gmail”, or “@hotmail”, etc.

These are just my thoughts…and I know some successful people that use these types of emails addresses…so I can’t pass but so much judgement.

Having said that, COME ON!  You can grab a professional email address for $5 a month.  If you can’t afford to pay $60 a year, then you should find another line of business.

Let me make this simple for those of you that haven’t made the switch because you don’t know how!!!

You can use either on of these options…but are great (I have used both).

  1. Google – https://gsuite.google.com/
  2. Office 365 (Microsoft) – https://products.office.com/en-US/
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