Single Mother From Greensboro Sings The Praises Of ALLCHOICE Insurance

All too often, businesses are bombarded with complaints!  I have always heard that a “Happy Customer” is one that you never hear from.  At ALLCHOICE, we strive to maintain a positive relationship with each and every client!  Over the years, we have been blessed by the outpouring of positive feedback we have received.  Below you will find the latest such example!

“I am a single parent and it can be a real juggle to keep everything afloat! Although AllChoice has always given me great service in the past,Trish has gone the extra mile to assist me this year! I so appreciate her understanding and treating me like a valued customer-I am glad my business is valued. Trish has offered just the right answers when I was frustrated over trying to remedy situations and manage time constraints. I so appreciate her kindness to me!”

V Winstead – Greensboro, NC

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About The Author:  Jack Wingate is a Professional Insurance Advisor and Founder of ALLCHOICE Insurance in Greensboro, NC. For more information about Jack Wingate or ALLCHOICE Insurance please visit