Frequently Asked Questions

Auto Insurance FAQ

Yes – Every car that is registered in North Carolina is required to have minimum liability limits.

Currently the minimum liability limits are

  • Bodily Injury Per Person: $30,000
  • Bodily Injury Per Accident: $60,000
  • Property Damage: $25,000

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Homeowners Insurance FAQ

If you paid your insurance for the year, and decide to change home insurance providers before the policy renews, the insurance company must REFUND you for any UN-EARNED Premium.


  • Home Insurance Premium = $1,200 ($100 Per Month)
  • You Cancel After Exactly 6 Months Of Coverage
  • The Total Earned Premium = $600 (6 Months X $100 Per Month)
  • Your Refund = $600

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Yes – Although your Homeowners Insurance Premium is paid via the escrow on your mortgage, you can change home insurance companies at any time your wish.

You must notify your mortgage company of the change and have your new insurance provider send the lender proof of your new insurance.

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No – you are not required by the insurance company to pay your home insurance through your escrow. However, some Mortgage Lenders make this a condition of the loan. Ask your lender for what options are available.

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Yes! Typically when you are buying a home, part of the closing costs you are paying includes the annual premium for your homeowners insurance.

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The standard Home Insurance policies provide coverage for a few major things

  • Property Damage To Your Home (the actual building)
  • Property Damage To Your STUFF
  • Personal Liability associated with your home and property

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