Erie Auto Insurance Plus Endorsement

Effective December of 2017, Erie Insurance announced an exciting addition to its North Carolina Auto Insurance Policy.

Erie Auto Plus Endorsement

Additional Death Benefit

Erie Insurance will pay $10,000 Per Person in the event that you or any family member dies as a result of bodily injury caused by an auto accident. Death must result directly from bodily injury caused by an auto accident.  Bodily injury must be sustained while occupying YOUR COVERED Car or when hit by an auto.

Additional Coverage For Damage To Your Car

Diminishing Deductible

For each consecutive claims-free policy year that the policy has been in force, any Comprehensive Claim (Other Than Collision) or Collision deductible will be reduced by $100, up to a maximum reduction of $500

 Deductible Waiver

Your Comprehensive (Other Than Collision) or Collision deductible will be waived in the event that the loss involved your covered vehicle and your property insured with your Erie Insurance Homeowner’s Insurance Policy.

Additional Transportation Expense – No Deductible or Waiting Period Applies

When Transportation Expense Coverage (Rental Car Coverage) applies to a total loss, for any covered Comprehensive (Other Than Collision) loss, Erie Insurance will pay transportation expenses up to:

  1. $15 per day, to a maximum of $450, unless a higher limit is shown on the Declarations Page, AND
  2. ten (10) additional days of transportation expenses after we pay for the loss of your auto or non-owned auto, not to exceed the limit provided in your policy, unless a higher limit is shown of the Declarations Page

Additional Coverage / Payments – No Deductible Applies

If Comprehensive (Other Than Collision) or Collision Coverage is purchased, we will pay:

  1. Emergency Travel Costs – Reimbursement for travel costs up to $75 per person
  2. Personal Effects – Payment for loss to personal effects up to $150
  3. Locksmith Costs – Reimbursement up to $50 for the cost incurred for locksmith services if keys are accidentally locked in your car

Increased Non-Owned Trailer Limit

Erie Insurance will pay up to an additional $1500 for loss to any trailer not owned by you

Additional Liability Coverage

Supplementary Payments

If Liability Coverage applies, we will pay the following to an insured:

  1. Up to an additional $2,500 for the cost of bail bonds required because of the traffic law violations resulting from an accident.  The accident must result in bodily injury or property damage covered under this policy;
  2. Up to an additional $200 a day for loss of wages or salary, but not other income, because of attendance at hearings or trials at our request; and
  3. Reasonable lawyers’ fees up to $200 incurred because of arrest, resulting from an accident involving your auto

Restrictions apply – please review APNZ01 / UF-C255