The What?

The what is a program designed so that when you refer someone to us, you get paid!

Every Referral – $10 Gift Card

Monthly Drawing – $50 Gift Card (every referral you give us during the month equals one entry into our monthly drawing)

Annual Drawing – $250 Gift Card (every referral you give us during the year equals one entry into our annual drawing)

**Please note that a referral DOES NOT have to become a client of ALLCHOICE Insurance.  The referral is a valid referral once the party gives ALLCHOICE Insurance the necessary information to produce a valid quote***

The Why?

The why is really quite simple…we have been blessed over the years to have found clients, just like you, that we REALLY like to work with!  Since we don’t pay for “normal marketing”, we thought that we should just pay YOU!


The When?

The when is ALL THE TIME!  Seriously, the “when” is all the time!  In a perfect world, you would send us referrals EVERYDAY!

The How?

How do you send us your referrals??? You can contact us directly and give us the person’s name and contact information…or you could have your referral contact us and make sure that they say you referred them!

The Who?

Who is eligible to participate in the ALLCHOICE Referral Program? ANYONE!