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Playing It Safe: Selecting Safety Footwear

Playing It Safe - Selecting Safety Footwear

Selecting Safety Footwear

Helpful Tips For Preventing Injury To Your Feet

Ensuring that your body is protected in the workplace is extremely important in all kinds of work. This applies to every part of your body, especially your feet. Since you are often exposed to conditions that could potentially be hazardous to your feet, wearing safety footwear is essential in protecting your feet against injury. 

There are several factors that determine what type of footwear is appropriate:

What’s Your Type?

There are several types of safety boots made for workers operating under specific conditions:

The Right Fit for You

Once you determine what safety footwear is needed, select the boot with the right fit for your foot. Follow these tips when making your selection:

Keep Them Like New

To get the most wear out of your boots, apply a water-resistant protective coating. Also regularly check for wear and tear to ensure that your feet are always fully protected.

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