Safety Matters - Dangers Of Falling And Flying Objects

Safety Matters: Dangers of Falling and Flying Objects

Jack Wingate

Dangers of Falling and Flying Objects

Objects falling from above can pose a serious danger, and you are at increased risk when you are under a storage area. Any kind of work environment is in danger. Consider the following incidents:

  • A man sustained a fractured vertebra when a couch fell off the fifth-floor deck of a condo and landed on him.
  • A patron fractured her pelvis in two places when she was struck by an unsecured countertop.

The lives of these individuals were permanently changed by falling objects.

Focus on Prevention

Follow these guidelines to reduce the risk of injury to you or a co-worker from falling and flying objects.

  • Use caution when dealing with items stored in tall shelving units. At times employees or others may attempt to reach for items above their heads, and these items could fall and injure them.
  • Make sure ladders are labeled and that only qualified employees use them.
  • Regularly search the premises for unsafe or precarious situations in which items could fall, much like you do for spills on the ground. If you discover a potential falling object hazard, fix or rearrange it immediately.
  • Children are especially vulnerable to falling hazards. Intervene as courteously as possible if you see a child that is unsupervised, lacks parental control or is behaving unsafely.

Working on the Premises

  • When working at a height, use signs and barricades to alert those on the ground level.
  • When on the ground, pay attention to warning signs and do not stand under people or materials.
  • Never set tools and materials on the edge of a platform, ladder or railing.
  • When working at a height, do not keep tools in your pocket. They could slip out when you bend over.

Our Commitment to You

Falling objects do not just hurt people; they hurt the company, too. How? Money lost on defending a lawsuit and slow sales from the negative publicity of an incident both decrease our profit. And less money for the company can lead to salary and hiring freezes, or even layoffs. 

Your safety is our first priority at . If you have any doubt about on-site safety—regarding falling objects or any other issue— talk to your supervisor. Keeping you and your co-workers safe requires everyone’s participation.

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