Unusual Things To Do Wilmington NC

Unusual Things To Do In Wilmington NC

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Like other cities, Wilmington, North Carolina has plenty of sites to see. Some of the most common attractions include the Airlie Gardens, Battleship North Carolina, Bellamy Mansion, Riverwalk, and the Cape Fear Museum of History and Science.

But what if you want a unique experience? What if you want to do something outside of the typical tourist things to do in Wilmington, NC? Well, here is a list for you.

Unusual Places to Visit and Unique Things to Do in Wilmington, NC:

Museum of the Bizarre

201 S. Water St., Wilmington, NC 

Just down the street from the Children’s Museum of Wilmington, you’ll find another museum that refers to itself as an Odditorium. This strange museum is home to curiosities including Alexander Hamilton’s hair, Houdini’s Ouija board, and numerous movie props. They also boast questionable findings such as a Bigfoot imprint, Chupacabra hand, and even a unicorn horn.

It may seem silly, but it’s surprisingly entertaining. And with only a $3 admission, why not embrace the weirdness? At the very least, you can test your skills in the Laser Vault room. Do you think you can make it across without setting off a laser sensor?

Stanley Rehder Carnivorous Plant Garden

3800 Canterbury Rd., Wilmington, NC

Practically every city in the country boasts a botanical garden, but Wilmington NC takes it to the next level with a carnivorous plant garden. Where else can you see beautiful plants that ambush prey? The garden is home to a variety of Pitcher Plants and Sundews, as well as the better-known Venus Fly Traps. If you’re looking for a peaceful stroll with a bit of excitement, this is the place for you.

Pachinko World

2591 S. 17th St., Wilmington NC

Save yourself a trip to Japan by visiting Pachinko World in Wilmington, NC. Pachinko is a pinball-like game that is very popular in Japan, and now a favorite local pastime. The only pachinko parlor in all of the United States, it’s truly one-of-a-kind. 

In addition to Pachinko games, Pachinko World also has an assortment of classic arcade games that still only cost a quarter to play. The Pachinko games only have a $1 minimum. Overall, it’s a fun and cheap place to kill some time.

Tregembo Animal Park

5811 Carolina Beach Rd., Wilmington, NC

Family-owned and operated, the Tregembo Animal Park gives you an up-close and personal encounter with a variety of exotic animals. Opening in 1952 with only a handful of species, the park is now home to over 100 species of animals. Favorite zoo residents include the prehensile tail porcupine, snow macaques, a white Bengal tiger, and a two-toed sloth. 

Other Different Things to Do in Wilmington, NC: