Most parents are unaware that with Memorial Day just passing, we have reached the deadliest 100 days for teen drivers. The time between now and Labor Day has historically seen a sharp increase in the death of teens behind the wheel.

It’s not hard to figure out why this is the case with teens being out of school and bored, they are undoubtedly going to be on the roads more. There are other factors at play including exhaustion from things like beach activities, late nights, and an increase in drug and alcohol use.

Most people would assume that it’s a lack of experience that factors into accidents, and that is true, but statistically older teens are more likely to be killed. Once they are over the initial fear of driving, older teens tend to take more risks and believe they can handle distractions while driving. While cellphones and texting do contribute to a significant number of crashes, the biggest distraction for teens are other passengers.

Many states have laws restricting the use of cell phones while driving and limit the number of passengers a teen can have in the car, but parents are still the best deterrent to these behaviors. A parent that sets a good example in how they limit distractions like cell phones are the best way to curb them in teens.

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