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common surety bonds

Bid Bonds

Bid Bonds ensure that if a contractor is awarded a bid, they will undertake the contract under the bid terms. It provides a guarantee that the contractor will fulfill their obligations at the agreed-upon price.

License and Permit Bonds

License & Permit Bonds are required by state or local governments, these bonds guarantee that businesses adhere to laws and regulations.

Performance Bonds

Performance Bonds guarantee that the contractor completes the project according to the contractual terms and conditions, safeguarding the project owner against poor workmanship or non-completion.

A surety bond is a financial guarantee involving three parties – the principal, obligee, and surety – ensuring the principal fulfills their obligations to the obligee, with the surety covering losses if the principal defaults.

Common Surety Bond Questions

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The COST OF A SURETY BOND varies based on the bond type, the principal’s creditworthiness, and the bond amount. 

If you are a contractor, a business owner required to comply with state regulations, or engaged in activities that obligate you to guarantee your performance or obligation, you likely need Surety Bond insurance.

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Surety Bond Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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