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Whether you want to find about what types of property are covered by a NC business insurance policy, want to find what types of liability coverages are on NC business insurance policies, what types of extra coverages are available on a NC Business insurance policy or to simply obtain a NC business insurance quote, you’ve come to the right place.

What Does North Carolina Business Insurance Cover?

North Carolina Business Insurance is a vital element in the success of any North Carolina Business.  A NC Business Insurance Policy is actually a combination of the two most common types of Commercial Insurance, NC Commercial Property Insurance and NC General Liability Insurance.  By combining these two coverage forms, insurance carriers create a “Package Policy”.  These package policies come in two different forms.  The first form is called a Business Owner’s Policy (BOP) and is used to insure the average “small business”.  The second form is called a Commercial Package Policy and is used for larger businesses or businesses with a higher exposure to loss.

Many years ago, Insurance Carriers realized that most businesses that purchased insurance typically purchased both Liability Coverage and Property Coverage.  In seeing that trend, Insurance Carriers decided to combine the common insurance coverages these businesses typically purchased into one common policy.  As the years have gone by, Insurance Carriers have tweaked the Package Policy by adding additional coverage options that allow the business owner to create the best policy insurance policy for their business.

Since ALLCHOICE Insurance has devoted individual pages to both Commercial Property Insurance and General Liability Insurance, we will not discuss these coverages on this site.  Rather, we will focus on some of the additional benefits available through a NC Business Insurance Policy.  However, if you would like to know more about either Commercial Property Insurance or General Liability Insurance please choose the appropriate link below:

  • A vital coverage that can be endorsed to your NC Business Insurance Policy is the Loss of Income / Business Interruption Coverage.  When a business is damaged (example: the office building burns down), it suffers more than a physical loss to its property.  Employees may not be able to work, customers may be forced to purchase from a competitor because you can not supply the products or services they need, so there is a loss of income.  There may also be certain expenses that remain even though your business has temporarily shut down.  Without Loss of Income / Business Interruption Coverage, you are not protected.

  • Some North Carolina businesses do not own any automobiles.  However, the company still has a huge liability exposure with regard to automobile liability.  Most often, the exposure for hired and non-owned liability is endorsed on the company’s NC business auto policy, however, if there is no such policy the NC business insurance policy can be endorsed to provide this protection.  For more information about hired and non-owned liability please reference our NC Business Auto Insurance page.

Many businesses (especially retail stores) receive or keep a certain amount of money and/or securities on the business premises.  These same businesses will then take those same securities off their business premises (to tank to the bank for deposit).  Without endorsing your NC business insurance policy for money and securities, you will have no coverage in the event that that money and securities are stolen.

While every business owner tries to hire the very best employees, there are times when your employees may choose to steal from you.  The NC business insurance policy can be endorsed to cover the dishonest acts of your employees.

One of the fastest growing exposures any business faces today is in protecting their business from liability arising from the employing workers.


Here is a list of common NC Business Insurance Extensions and Endorsement Of Coverages. (This is not a all inclusive list and may vary by insurance carrier.)

  • Accounts Receivable
  • Arson Reward
  • Building Ordinance of Law
  • Check Forgery
  • Electronic Data Processing Equipment (EDP)
  • Peak Season Coverage
  • Mechanical & Electrical Breakdown
  • Professional Liability

Contact an advisor today to discuss the NC Business Insurance Policy and the endorsements and extensions that will best suit your insurance needs.