ALLCHOICE Insurance History

ALLCHOICE Insurance – A History That Defines Us

ALLCHOICE Insurance was founded in August of 2004. The reason was simple…to create an Insurance Agency that cared more about its customers than its Insurance Carriers!

Captive Insurance Agent Vs. Independent Insurance Agent

The original founders had been “Captive” Insurance Agents for a North Carolina-based Insurance Carrier. A “Captive” Insurance Agent is an Agent who works exclusively for one insurance carrier. ALLCHOICE’s founders recognized that in order to best serve their respective clientele, the Independent Agent System was a more suitable venue.

The Right Insurance Carriers Make All The Difference

After establishing ALLCHOICE Insurance as an Independent Insurance Agency, the founders knew that the true merit of such an agency was directly correlated to the actual Insurance Carriers an agency represented. Selecting the right Insurance Carriers was not easy, but after months of research and financial stability examination, ALLCHOICE obtained Agency Contracts with a core group of Insurance Carriers. Those core carriers have not changed to this day. Additional carriers have been added to service particular niche market opportunities, as they have arisen.

Times May Change, The People May Change, But The ALLCHOICE Founding Principles Remain

As the years have passed, the actual look of ALLCHOICE has changed. One of the original co-founders left to pursue other opportunities, however, the core founding values and ideals remain the same. At ALLCHOICE we strive to provide the following:

  • Unparalleled Service
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Financially Stable Carriers


At ALLCHOICE, our primary focus has always been you, our customer.