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If you own a high-performance vehicle and have thought about testing the car’s limit at the track, then you should consider HPDE Insurance (also known as Track Day Insurance). While you may not be required to carry this valuable insurance coverage…you need to understand the basics!

Do A Google Search for “HPDE Insurance” or ” Track Day Insurance” and you will see search results from insurance companies attempting to convince you why their product is what you need! What you REALLY need is a Guide that can help answer your questions and help determine which plan is right for YOU.

We hope this HPDE Insurance & Track Day Insurance Resource will help guide you to making the best decision for you and your business.

What Does HPDE Stand For?

HPDE Stands For High-Performance Driver’s Education! This driver’s education typically occurs at designated tracks, or locations, around the country where High-Performance Vehicle Owners can test the limits of their cars on the track. The HPDE normally includes Trained Race Instructors that teach driving basics.

What Is HPDE Insurance?

HPDE Insurance is a special insurance policy designed to cover your High-Performance Vehicle while you are participating on the track during HPDE Events!

Policy Coverages & Benefits can vary from carrier to carrier, but most policies will cover physical damage that may occur to your vehicle.

Does HPDE Cover Your Car While on the Track?

No, Personal Auto Insurance does not cover your car while you are on the track. While coverages may vary, the typical car insurance policy excludes coverage when you are using your car on a track or in any form of racing.