Erie Insurance EnRoute Program

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What Is The Erie Insurance EnRoute Program?

A properly implemented Telematics Program can help Business Owners improve the overall safety of their auto fleet and help lower business auto insurance premiums.  

The EnRoute Program is a free telematics service available to Fleet Insurance customers of Erie Insurance. 

The telematics program uses data collected from your vehicles to help you better plan route choices, analyze performance and safety of your fleet, as well as helping highlight driver attributes that make the risk of accident and injury higher or lower.

EnRoute helps you know where your vehicles are and, more importantly, how your vehicles are being driven.

Who Can Use The EnRoute Program?

The EnRoute Program is a service available to Erie Insurance Business Auto Customers.

In addition to being an Erie customer, you must have fleet vehicles in order to qualify for the program.

What Is Considered A Fleet?

Erie defines a Fleet as five (5) or more commercial vehicles.  

Why Should I Consider Using EnRoute?

This telematics service from Erie Insurance is a proven system for helping business owners improve safety and potentially reduce insurance premiums.

Once you gain better insights into the habits and safety of your drivers and vehicles, you can implement strategies and best practices to lower risk.

  • Lower Risk = Less Claims
  • Less Claims = Lower Business Auto Premiums
  • Lower Business Auto Premiums = More Gross Profit

How Much Does EnRoute Cost?

The EnRoute Program is a free service from Erie Insurance for qualified customers.

The service provider Erie uses does offer enhancements to the free offering should you like  greater insights and control over your telematics program. 

Learn more about the additional offerings and enhancements available from Speedgauge.

How Do I Sign Up For The EnRoute Program?

Commercial Auto Customers of Erie Insurance can enroll in the program by contacting your Local Erie Insurance Agent and having them Enroll your business.

Once enrolled, you can link the program to an existing fleet management program if you already have one, or Erie can provide you with windshield tags at no cost (Smartphone is required to download the mobile app).

Erie EnRoute FAQ

How Much Does Erie EnRoute Cost?

The Erie Insurance EnRoute Program is Free to the customer

Do I Need To Purchase Equipment To Have EnRoute?

No, you do not need to purchase any equipment (if you do not currently have a fleet management system Erie will supply you with Windshield Tags and you will need a smartphone)

Can I Save Money On My Business Auto Insurance If I Have EnRoute?

Yes, there is potential for premium reduction credits simply by implementing the system.

Can EnRoute Make My Premium Increase?

The Erie Insurance EnRoute Program tracks individual vehicles and assigns a safety score for each vehicle. Then a Fleet Score is determined. It would take a prolonged and consistent history or poor driving data on any one vehicle to become detrimental for the entire Fleet Insurance Policy