ALLCHOICE Insurance – Mixing Cutting Technology With Old School Service

At ALLCHOICE Insurance, we pride ourselves on the implementation and use of technology to better serve our clients!

Most of the time, the time and effort that goes into the research, testing, and implementation of these technologies goes without much “fan fare” from our customers, and this is how we like it.  ALLCHOICE feels that if done correctly, adoption of new technology should be seamless to our customers.

However, like anyone, we do love it when someone pays us a compliment!

Below is a message we received from a new customer:

“I just gotta say, I love the way you guys have handled this. Your website is great and and all of the automation is wonderful…. it sure made it easy for me.  Do you use a franchise for setting all that up? Or did someone local help with that? We are trying to implement some of the same stuff at our office but just not sure where to go to get started.”

Trena C – Kings Mountain, NC