Blue Cross And Blue Shield Of NC Files To Renew 2013 Individual Health Plans

Blue Cross & Blue Shield Of NC announced that they have filed to allow most of their non-grandfathered individual customers to keep their current health plans.

Current customers of BCBS of NC with Blue Advantage, Blue Advantage Saver, Blue Value, and Blue Options HSA’s that were in place as of October 1, 2013, will be eligible to renew their plans.  As part of the filing, Blue Cross & Blue Shield requested the following rate increases:


  • Blue Advantage – 16.4%
  • Blue Value – 22%
  • Blue Saver – 23.6%
  • Blue Options HSA – 23.6%

Blue Cross stated that the requested premium increases reflect changes in the cost of care for all non-grandfathered customers with individual plans.  This includes the price of care as well as the number of services used by the pool of customers.  In addition, there are new taxes and fees under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) that contribute to premium increases.

Blue Cross expects to mail revised renewal notices to eligible customers by December 1, 2013.  The eligible customers will be automatically renewed in their current plan for another year if they have the option to choose an ACA- Compliant plan (which might come with premiums reductions due to subsidies and have additional benefits).  Blue Cross did note that all non-grandfathered clients would need to enroll in an ACA-Compliant plan for 2015.

Important Facts & Information

  • Renewal Notices expected to mailed around December 1st, 2013
  • Eligible Customers will automatically be renewed on their 2013 plans (unless they choose to move to an ACA-Compliant Plan)
  • Eligible Customers who may have already terminated their plan, or chosen an ACA Plan will have the option to reinstate their 2013 BCBSNC Plan
  • Eligible Customers who choose to keep their 2013 plans are not eligible for subsidies
  • Non-Grandfathered customers will need to move to ACA-Compliant plans for 2015

Source – BCBSNC Online Newsroom (