August was a SPECIAL month for ALLCHOICE!  Special in that August 2010, marked the 6 Year Anniversary of our Founding!  That’s right!  We are in the 10%-20% of small businesses that actually made it past 5 years.  Let me tell you, there is no stopping ALLCHOICE now!

To celebrate our Milestone, ALLCHOICE held a Testimonial Contest.  We were overwhelmed by the response from the ALLCHOICE Family!  We have always known that clients of ALLCHOICE Insurance were special, but the responses we received were truly touching!

The Winner Of The Testimonial Contest Is…….Kriston Gallop!

In addition to the Testimonial Contest Winner, ALLCHOICE is pleased to announce the results of our monthly Referral Contest!

The Winner Of The August Referral Contest Drawing Is…Joe Prateska!

ALLCHOICE would like to thank each and everyone person who thought enough of us to refer someone…

Jerry Jones, Derrick Graves, James Ogburn, Marvin Flythe, Angel Wingate, Mary Ellen Zino, Javier Villalpando

You Can Still WIN $$$ With Referrals!

Don’t forget, the ALLCHOICE Referral Program NEVER stops!  You are only a referral away (increase your chances by increasing your referrals) from a $10 Gift Card (for every referral), a chance at a $50 Monthly Prize, and the Annual Grand Prize (A Flat Screen TV).

It’s easy to play, just call, email, or fill out our Referral Form Online

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