ALLCHOICE Insurance Customer, Debbie Wilkins Named 2014 Mompreneur By Triad Moms On Main

ALLCHOICE-Insurance-Debbie-Wilkins-With-KidsALLCHOICE Insurance views its customers as FAMILY!  And just like with your immediate family, when a member of the ALLCHOICE Family is recognized in our community…we stick our chest out with a sense of pride!

Triad Moms On Main (co-founded by a college friend of ALLCHOICE’s Jack Wingate), recently announced its awards for 2014 (2014 Choice Awards) and ALLCHOICE Insurance customer Debbie Wilkins was honored as “MomPreneur” for Winston Salem, NC.  Debbie started her personal training business in the last couple of years.  Debbie’s story is one of tragedy, faith, family, and overcoming adversity.  While her story is not for me to recount, I can tell you as a friend, that Debbie’s strength  is one that anyone (male or female) can look to for inspiration.

Debbie is a certified Metabolic Effect Group Instructor & Personal Trainer.  Debbie’s workouts focus on high intensity, rest-based, training.  The group sessions last about 30 minutes and offer participants a friendly, no judgement, environment.  As a husband for one of Debbie’s clients, I can attest to the results that can be achieved.  Moreover, the group environment offers a peer group that holds each other accountable.

If you live in the Winston Salem area…I urge you to check out Debbie’s classes! (she will even make training videos for those who can’t attend the group classes!

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