ALLCHOICE Insurance is proud to announce (in conjunction with Erie Insurance and other NC Erie Agents) a $5,500 Donation to Operation Coming Home.

At a recent Advisory Task Force meeting for Erie Insurance, Jack Wingate (ALLCHOICE Insurance President & CEO) joined fellow Erie Insurance Agents from North Carolina in a spirited competition among other Erie Insurance Agents from around The Erie’s service area (Pennsylvania, New York, Ohio, Illinois, Maryland, Virginia, Tennessee, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Indiana).  The Top 5 Erie Branches won contributions to the charities of their choice.  Jack, along with his fellow teammates took 2nd Place!

Operation Coming Home was a natural choice for the group!

Operation Coming Home’s mission to aid severely wounded Veterans from the recent Middle Eastern War find a home in North Carolina’s Triangle region.  The charity is a partnership between members of the Triangle Veterans Association and the Home Builders Association of Raleigh/Wake County.  The team honors the great sacrifices of our Military Veterans by building custom homes for them, at NO CHARGE.  This is truly a great organization, with an even greater mission!

If you would like to donate to Operation Coming Home (!

Joining Jack Wingate were: