ALLCHOICE Insurance is pleased to announce its involvement with Prodigals Community of Winston Salem NC annual Golf Tournament.

Melinda Wingate (wife of Founder & President Jack Wingate) currently acts as the Church Relations Liason for Prodigals Community (volunteer) and introduced ALLCHOICE to this wonderful organization.  When approached by Prodigals to help in this fundraising event, ALLCHOICE was moved to help support this important cause.

Prodigals Community is a long-term, residential program of recovery for addicts and alcoholics with chronic relapse histories.  Residents of the program spend up to 78 hours each week in structured activities including: full-time job training, counseling/support groups, recreation, educational classes, AA/NA meetings and daily chores.

Jack Wingate stated, “we (ALLCHOICE) have been extremely blessed over the past 7 years.  We feel we have a responsibility to give back when we can to the communities that have given us so much.”  The fact is, there are real people, with real problems that sometimes just need a helping hand.  Drug & Alcohol addiction are serious diseases that can ruin not only the life of the addict, but their families and communities.