Peyton And Cooper Wingate Go To SchoolThat time of year has come again!  Summer has come and gone (in a flash)…and the time has come for the kids to go back to school.  This year marks a milestone for the ALLCHOICE Insurance Family.  ALLCHOICE Spokesman, Cooper Wingate, officially starts kindergarten this year!

Peyton Wingate (also an ALLCHOICE Spokesperson), starts yet another school year (2nd Grade).  ALLCHOICE Insurance & Peyton share a common timeline.  ALLCHOICE Insurance was started in August of 2004, and Peyton was born in November of the same year.  Peyton’s first steps coincided with some of ALLCHOICE’s first major steps as an Agency.  When Peyton had her first day of school…ALLCHOICE too was starting a new chapter in its existence.  I have linked ALLCHOICE’s life as a business with Peyton’s journey as the timing lent itself to do so.

The real journey, and upward momentum, though coincides with Cooper.  As any small business owner knows…the first years of a business are really about one thing, survival!  Likewise, my wife & I dealt with Peyton’s first years in “survival mode” (not knowing how to really deal with such a huge personality)!  Cooper’s arrival, on the other hand, came at a point in ALLCHOICE’s existence where we finally started making a breakthrough from survival mode to success!

Now that Cooper has started the next chapter in his life…it appears that ALLCHOICE too is ready for its next chapter!  I find it interesting that, just as Cooper is about to embark on this new chapter of learning…ALLCHOICE must do the same.  Life & business do share common traits!  Growth requires change & learning.  The moment you stop learning & changing…that is the moment you stop growing!

Today I am a proud father of 3 wonderful children (Caylee (8th Grader), Peyton (2nd Grader), and Super Dup aka Cooper (Kindergarten)), the humble father of ALLCHOICE Insurance, and the blessed husband of the most wonderful wife a man could ask for (Melinda)!

About The Author:  Jack Wingate is a Professional Insurance Advisor and Founder of ALLCHOICE Insurance in Greensboro, NC. For more information about Jack Wingate or ALLCHOICE Insurance please visit