2014 has come and gone!  Once again, the time has come to say goodbye to “The Beard”.  With less than 24 hours until the annual trimming of The Beard, ALLCHOICE would like to give each of you the opportunity to pay homage (or say your Goodbye’s) to this ICON of North Carolina Insurance!



ALLCHOICE-Insurance-Jack-Wingate-The-Beard-2014-III ALLCHOICE-Insurance-Jack-Wingate-Thinking-About-Beard-Things ALLCHOICE-Insurance-Jack-Wingate-Thinking-About-The-Beard-2014 ALLCHOICE-Insurance-Jack-Wingate-The-Beard-2014-II ALLCHOICE-Insurance-Jack-Wingate-The-Beard-2014-I ALLCHOICE-Insurance-Jack-Wingate-And-The-Beard-Like-A-Boss

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