More than likely anytime you hear or have a conversation pertaining to “insurance”, the tone is typically NEGATIVE.  While the Insurance Advisor is one of the most important figures in the life of a business or family, all too often the role that is played goes unappreciated!  As someone who has built his company on providing Best Of Class Customer Service, it is refreshing when a customer actually verbalizes how we have done something right!

At ALLCHOICE, we are blessed to have world class Team Members.  The ALLCHOICE Protection Specialists fill the most important role within our agency.  They are, essentially, the face of ALLCHOICE Insurance.  While I know how wonderful they are, it is very nice when a customer reaches out and lets them know just how special and vital a role they play in the lives of others.

We received the following email today from a customer about Protection Specialist, Trish Hendrix!


There is so a reason on this Earth that I know you and we have good rapport! I really appreciate you having my interests first at hand. These efforts really help me out a great deal at this time in my career. It has been a struggle to manage things as a single (and I mean solo provider!) parent!

I am accustomed to most things being a challenge. When we retired our call, I have to admit, I cried. Your helpfulness and laughter really lifted my spirits! You are always professional with a personal touch-does your boss know your work? Does he know how much clients appreciate you?

Thanks so much for the quick follow-up (and having my back!). I will get these things taken care of this week.