Last night I got home and was greeted with by a ball of energy (Peyton – my 6 year old).  This is not all that uncommon.  The fact is, when I get home most days, Cooper (my 4 year old) typically meets me at the top of the steps wanting to partake in a “sip” of my drink.  Next I will typically greet my wife who is always busy either cleaning up or making dinner.  Usually after that, our oldest (Caylee) will walk through the living room and give me a hug.

That accounts for all of the children (except for Artemis – our dog who is happy to see anyone) except for ole Puts-A-Tuts (nickname for Peyton).  Typically, Peyton is often caught up in whatever Disney show is on, or in some pretend fantasy she has concocted in her head.  On this day however, after I did my normal greetings, I went to the bedroom to change clothes.  Peyton must have seen me from her bedroom and came running down the hall.  She ran up to me and gave me a big hug.

She then began a 5 minute speech about what she had done at school.  However, at the tail end of the speech she asked me what I had eaten for lunch.  I replied “I didn’t have any lunch today”.   She then began to admonish me about the importance of eating.  She asked why I hadn’t eaten lunch, to which I replied “Mommy didn’t fix me a lunch” (please keep in mind my wife attempts to make my lunch but I always tell her not to worry about it).

Peyton, with a look of sadness, then told me “you have a daughter that cares about you, so I will make you lunch for tomorrow!”

I must say that I am very accustomed to Peyton saying things, then forgetting about them…not this time!  After dinner and baths, she quickly hurried to the kitchen, took the pot of chicken & rice we had for dinner, got a container, and starting scooping the remained of the chicken & rice into it.  While this was precious, the “icing on the cake” was when she picked the lunch box for me to take in to work!

Peyton's Lunch Box For Daddy

I truly am one lucky guy!