Last weekend I was fortunate enough to have the two little ones all to myself for the day.  As those of you with children know, children are wonderful for classic “lines”.

As we were driving around the Costco parking lot, Cooper saw a GEICO Car.  He said, “man! that would be cool if we had an auto insurance car”.  I quickly replied, “buddy, we don’t like GEICO.  GEICO tries to take toys away from you and your sister.  That’s why daddy has to beat them all the time!”  It took a little more back and forth before both Cooper and Peyton realized that GEICO was not cool.

Flash forward to today.  We are watching college football when a GEICO commercial came on.  This commercial made some statement about going online or visiting a local agency.  Peyton turned to me a said, “you should go down to that office and punch GEICO in the face!”

That really puts things into perspective.

On a side note!  Cooper was talking to Melinda this week and the topic of car insurance & the president came up.  Melinda pointed out to Cooper that I was the President of ALLCHOICE.  To which Cooper extrapolated, “Daddy is the president of car insurance”.