The life of an Insurance Advisor is very fulfilling!  On a daily basis, we get to see about the greatest of highs and achievements.  We also are there for the lowest of lows!

Recently, I have been inundated with calls pertaining to a certain point in a parents life that provides both joy and sadness.  I am referring to the time in a parents life when their child is ready to get his/her driver’s license.  The joy that i speak of is a sense of pride that their little boy or girl is taking that first step to becoming an adult.  The immense sadness comes when they hear how much that step is going to increase their automobile insurance!

These calls, and a call from a new client that just moved here from another state and has to get licensed got me thinking that it would be nice to put a quick reference guide to getting licensed right here!

I have taken the liberty to download the NC Driver’s License Handbook from the NC Department of Motor Vehicles website!  I hope these are useful!

NC Driving Test Handbook

NC Driving Test Regulatory Signs

NC Driving Test Warning Signs

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