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Foremost Insurance has provided great value and excellent protection to its customers for over seventy years. Delivering “A Better Insurance Experience” is their long-time mission.

Foremost Insurance is a specialty insurance company that offers coverage types many other insurers do not, notably mobile home insurance. They have a long history of seeking out customers’ unique needs and delivering solutions with specialized policies.

Since its inception, the company has grown to over 38,000 employees across the U.S. A Foremost Insurance agent is never far, even in Hendersonville, North Carolina.

ALLCHOICE is a local independent provider of Foremost Insurance. Hendersonville residents can turn to us to receive their exceptional coverage.


Foremost Insurance is highly regarded for its philanthropic efforts. With Foremost Insurance, Hendersonville residents get a community member as well as an insurance agent.

As part of the Farmers Insurance Group, they have contributed to 37,000 volunteer hours in 254 cities nationwide. They have helped rebuild 35 homes and supported 1,200 different causes. Foremost Insurance also gave $3 million to disaster resiliency efforts.

Since 2015, employees have donated an incredible 242,500 volunteer hours and over $21 million to charitable causes.

Foremost Insurance is committed to disaster resiliency. They are diligently working towards reducing the risk and negative impact of disasters. They help in three ways:

  • Preparedness: help communities prepare by providing best practices and safety/educational materials  
  • Response: help communities pull through by delivering immediate and experienced response when disasters strike  
  • Recovery: help communities rebuild more resilient and sustainable communities  

The company also offers community programs, including:  

  • Kingdom Day Parade   
  • Support of the Los Angeles Urban League   
  • STEM3 Academy   
  • Mental Health First Aid   
  • Veterans Community Project   


Foremost Insurance in Hendersonville and all other locations works hard to limit its footprint on our planet through sustainable and environmentally-friendly practices. They hope to limit all single-use plastic from their enterprise and have taken significant steps to reduce waste.

Foremost prevented over 20,000 pieces of plastic from being dumped in landfills by eliminating plastic utensils and straws from their worksites. Plus, they have recycled over 62,000 K-Cup pods and used more than 4,000 eco-food containers instead of plastic.

The company also makes it easy for its customers to participate by providing paperless billing and payment options.


Foremost Insurance believes that exceptional customer service is founded on diversity and inclusion. It is their belief that a diverse staff is best-suited to serve a diverse customer base. Foremost prides itself on a solid workforce by celebrating people’s differences.

The company also created several employee resource groups to help people overcome various employment obstacles:

  • Black Professionals Alliance   
  • Disability Inclusion Group   
  • Farmers Asian Alliance    
  • Farmers Future   
  • FarmersFit   
  • LGBT & Allies   
  • Parent Connect   
  • Somos Farmers   
  • Veterans & Advocates   
  • Women’s Inclusion Network

Type of Insurance Foremost Insurance Offers

Foremost Insurance in Hendersonville, NC, offers a wide range of home and auto insurance. Their niche offerings include mobile home coverage and recreational vehicle coverage. Basically, if you can drive it, Foremost can insure it.


  • Mobile Home   
  • Home    
  • Vacant   
  • Seasonal   
  • Landlord   
  • Renters   
  • Owner-Occupied Condominium   
  • Vacant & Landlord Condominium   
  • Flood   


  • Auto    
  • Collectible Auto   
  • Commercial Auto   


  • Boat   
  • Personal Watercraft   


  • Motorcycle   
  • Scooter   

Off-Road Vehicle   

  • Off-Road Vehicle   
  • Snowmobile   
  • Golf Cart   
  • Neighborhood Electric Vehicle   


  • Motor Home   
  • Travel Trailer   
  • 5th Wheel   
  • Luxury Motor Coach   

History of Foremost Insurance

On June 12, 1952, three men founded Foremost Insurance with a handful of investors. Edward J. Fry, Richard E. Riebel, and Edward L. Stoddard realized the need for mobile home insurance and created the company to meet that need. It was a first of its kind!

Foremost started to diversify in 1961 as more people were becoming travel trailer enthusiasts. Foremost saw the opportunity and met the growing need for travel trailer insurance with Travel Share. Another first of its kind!

In that same decade, Foremost Insurance commissioned an in-depth study on mobile homes. The results led to many states instating mandatory tie-down laws to protect mobile homes and their residents. Foremost has continued to help establish manufactured home building codes with the Department of HUD through the years. Plus, they continue to provide the industry’s most in-depth research reports on manufactured homes and their occupants.

Since 1970, Foremost Insurance has offered insurance coverage for every vehicle a person can drive, from snowmobiles to boats to motorcycles and everything in between.

In the 1980s, AARP endorsed Foremost insurance on two different accounts. The first for its specialized work for homeowners over the age of 50. The second for its motorcycle insurance due to its excellent claim service. The company still meets the needs of both demographics today. 

In the year 2000, Foremost Insurance Group was acquired by Farmers Insurance Group of Companies, where it still lives today.

Over the past seven decades, Foremost Insurance has grown exponentially. They operate nationwide, including in Washington D.C. For Foremost Insurance in Hendersonville, North Carolina, people can turn to ALLCHOICE as a local independent carrier.

Awards and Rankings 

Foremost Insurance is highly acclaimed in the industry. They are the:  

  • 7th largest auto insurer in the U.S.   
  • 11th largest property and casualty insurer in the U.S.    

 Foremost Insurance also ranks highly for financial stability, earning:   

  • A.M. Best’s A rating for Foremost Insurance    

 Foremost Insurance has earned the following awards:   

  • IMCA Best of Show & Award of Excellence, 2013   
  • America’s Best Insurance Firms 2021, Forbes Magazine   
  • ASTD Excellence in Practice Award, 2010 for the Foremost Foundations Program   

Foremost Insurance Hendersonville, NC Locations

If searching for Foremost Insurance, Hendersonville NC businesses and residents don’t have to go far. ALLCHOICE is a leading independent provider and is located right here in Hendersonville, NC. We actually have several offices across North Carolina. 

Our local office serves the entire Hendersonville County and more:

  • Hendersonville, NC
  • Asheville, NC
  • Mountain Home, NC
  • Mills River, NC
  • Horse Shoe, NC
  • Etowah, NC
  • Fletcher, NC
  • East Flat Rock, NC
  • Dana, NC
  • Flat Rock, NC
  • Edneyville, NC
  • Gerton, NC
  • Fairview, NC
  • Saluda, NC
  • Black Mountain, NC
  • and more!

When it comes to Foremost Insurance in Hendersonville NC you can turn to ALLCHOICE!


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