3 Tips for Financial Planning

ALLCHOICE is not just business insurance and car insurance and that sort of thing. We help people with financial insurance, too! Of course, you know how important financial planning is, but we thought we’d take a minute to go over a few tips to help …

Thanksgiving Facts

Thanksgiving is nearly here, and one thing we hear from a lot of people is how anxious they are about polarized political discussions causing family disunity.  Know what a great way to diffuse a volatile situation?  Change the subject.  Here are some random Thanksgiving facts …

Life Insurance & New Parents

Life Insurance is that “ounce of prevention” that can make the difference between little Johnny or Julie having the future you dream he/she could have, and a life filled without a parent and/or hope. While having some life insurance is better than having no life insurance, please do not make the mistake of just buying a life insurance policy. The key to building that foundation of hope for your child is having the correct life insurance policy.


If you look at the many empirical economic studies of the Great Depression, one reoccurring finding is that tax increases during the Depression reversed/dampened any positive effects of Keynesian Deficit Government Spending. Its clear in the Theory of Keynesian Deficit Government Spending, that the spending is intended to be temporary until the Private Sector rebounds. The Private Sector needs Private Capital Formation to rebound.