Q&A: Does My Business Need Liability Insurance?

Business Owner: Does my business need general liability insurance?


Business Owner: But all we do is-

ALLCHOICE: Yes, you need liability insurance.

Business Owner: But we only have-

ALLCHOICE: You need liability insurance.

Business Owner: Are you sure? Because-

ALLCHOICE: Mm hm. Yeah, you need liability insurance.

Business Owner: But-

ALLCHOICE: Do you have a store or an office?

Business Owner: Yes, but customers only come in now and then?

ALLCHOICE: But they do come in, right?

Business Owner: Yeah, but not very-

ALLCHOICE: And they could slip on something or slam their fingers in a door or in some way injure themselves while on your property?

Business Owner: Well, yeah, they could.

ALLCHOICE: If they sued you for, say, a few hundred thousand dollars, would your company survive that?

Business Owner: Hm. That would be pretty tough.

ALLCHOICE: It can also pay for the medical expenses, so you don’t get sued for those.

Business Owner: Oh.

ALLCHOICE: Okay, so you should get liability insurance. Do you have employees who go somewhere to do their work, like a customer’s home or place of business?

Business Owner: Yeah, sure.

ALLCHOICE: Well, if they broke something while there, liability insurance covers that, too.

Business Owner: Hm.

ALLCHOICE: Do you rent your office or do you own it?

Business Owner: We rent it.

ALLCHOICE: Do you have a toaster there?

Business Owner: A toaster?

ALLCHOICE: Yes, a toaster.

Business Owner: Sure, we have a toaster.

ALLCHOICE: Okay. Well, if your toaster were to cause a fire, liability insurance would cover that.

Business Owner: Oh. Well, we don’t make toast that often.

ALLCHOICE: Still, it’s nice to have that covered along with everything else, right?

Business Owner: Yeah, I guess so.

ALLCHOICE: So, lots of things could feasibly happen, right?

Business Owner: Of course.

ALLCHOICE: And if you were to get sued, it would have a pretty major impact on your company, right? Even possibly forcing you out of business.

Business Owner: Yes.


Business Owner: My business needs liability insurance.

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