Annual Events In Hendersonville NC

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Hendersonville, NC, is a small town that has a big calendar of events. In fact, it hosts the largest apple festival in North Carolina. As a popular tourist destination, Hendersonville has something for everyone, from fairs to festivals to fireflies. 

Here are some of our favorite annual events in Hendersonville, NC.

Blue Ghost Fireflies

Location: Dupont State Forest

When: Mid-May through Mid-June 

Most people know what fireflies are, but few are familiar with the unusual blue ghost firefly. This type of lightning bug is different from its cousins in several ways. Most notably, the blue ghost firefly glows instead of flashes. This difference may seem trivial on paper, but it’s seen in a whole new light in person– literally. The blue ghost firefly glows for up to a minute at a time, so you can follow its flight pattern, as opposed to other firefly species that flicker on and off. And instead of the expected white light, blue ghost fireflies emit a greenish-blue light that is both eerie and beautiful. 

The blue ghost firefly’s habitat is shrinking, but they are still thriving in Dupont State Forest in Hendersonville, NC. The best time to view them is mid-May through mid-June after the sun has set. See for yourself if the local legend is true: that blue ghost fireflies are the ghosts of confederate soldiers. 

North Carolina Apple Festival

Location: Downtown Hendersonville, NC

When: Labor Day Weekend

Hendersonville, NC, is home to the largest apple festival in the state. The North Carolina Apple Festival draws visitors far and wide to enjoy freshly picked apples, baked apple treats, arts & crafts, festival food, and free entertainment. The festival takes over Downtown Hendersonville every Labor Day weekend, with activities Friday through Monday. 

The apple industry has always been a big part of Hendersonville’s history and community. In fact, the small town of Hendersonville is the 7th largest apple producer nationwide. The festival highlights 15 local apple growers, as well as other community artists, companies, and organizations. 

Garden Jubilee 

Location: Downtown Hendersonville, NC

When: Memorial Day Weekend

The Garden Jubilee in Hendersonville, NC, was named one of the “Top 20 Events in the Southeast” by the Southeast Tourism Society. As one of the largest gardening shows in a multi-state region, the Garden Jubilee is a one-stop shopping event for plant lovers everywhere. Local orchards, farms, and nurseries sell annuals, perennials, vegetables, fruits, herbs, and more. Not to mention the vast array of jams, jellies, honey, cider, and baked goods. The four-day event is sure to please all your senses!

Music on Main Street

Location: Main St., Hendersonville, NC

When: Every Friday Night of Summer

Hendersonville kicks off summer every year with Music on Main Street and keeps the party going all summer long. Every Friday night, locals and visitors alike take over Main Street to enjoy music, classic car shows, bike nights, tasty concessions, and much more. All in attendance get to enjoy the region’s finest bands for free, with music ranging from pop, oldies, rock, to contemporary. 

Fourth of July weekend is extra special with a patriotic tribute to all branches of the United States armed forces. And you know what that means: fireworks! Every Friday night promises tons of fun for the whole family.  

Street Dances

Location: Downtown Hendersonville, NC

When: Every other Monday night during Summer

People have been dancing in the streets of Hendersonville for over 100 years! The Street Dances began in 1918, when Hendersonville welcomed home its soldiers at the end of World War I. It was certainly an event worth celebrating, and they’ve been celebrating every year ever since. 

People of all ages join in and dance the night away every Monday night of summer. The city celebrates its blue mountain roots with bluegrass music, square dancing, and clogging. Fiddles and banjos fill the air with music, accompanied by toe-tapping and laughter. Be sure to bring your chair to rest your feet between dancing your heart out!