Famous People Hendersonville NC

Famous People From Hendersonville NC

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For such a small town, Hendersonville, NC, has been home to many notable people in history and modern day. From entrepreneurs to athletes, and poets to actors, the list of notable people from Hendersonville NC is quite long.

Famous Actors from Hendersonville, NC

Kelly McGillis: 

most well known for her roles in Top Gun and Witness, Kelly McGillis resides in Hendersonville. McGillis also acted in several television shows, as well as performed on stage throughout the 1980s and 1990s. She returned to film and TV in 2010 and is still seen on screen today.

Christoph Sanders: 

Recently getting his breakout role as Kyle Anderson in Last Man Standing, Sanders grew up in Hendersonville and made his way to the Hollywood spotlight. Before stardom, Anderson worked at nearby Flat Rock Playhouse and studied at Blue Ridge Community College.

Buffalo Bob Smith: 

The late Mr. Smith was a household name as the TV host of Howdy Doody. After a long and fruitful career, he retired just south of Hendersonville in Flat Rock, NC.

Famous Athletes from Hendersonville NC

Many athletes have called Hendersonville home over the years. Here is a list of the most notable athletes to live in the town:

  • Shirley Danz: All American Girls Professional Baseball League player
  • Sam Gash: professional football player and brother of Thane Gash
  • Thane Gash: professional football player and brother of Sam Gash
  • Tiger Greene: professional football player
  • Mickey Marvin: professional football player

Creative Minds from Hendersonville, NC

Some great minds were born or lived in Hendersonville as well. The most famous of them include:

  • Martin Gardner: mathematics and science writer
  • Robert Morgan: poet, essayist, and author
  • Tommy Refenes: indie games designer, known for Flash-style games like Super Meat Boy
  • Carl Sandburg: poet, writer, editor, Lincoln biographer

Other Notable People from Hendersonville, NC

Other famous and infamous people have lived in Hendersonville, including a serial killer and the “world’s heaviest twins.” Other notable people include:

  • William Dathan Holbert: serial killer, convicted of killing five ex-pats in Panama
  • Jim Lampley: sportscaster, news anchor, producer, and restaurant owner
  • Dough Llewelyn: original TV host of The People’s Court
  • The McGuire Twins: the “world’s heaviest twins”
  • Ralph T. Troy: the mayor of Monroe, Louisiana from 1972 to 1976
  • Loren W. Wells: entrepreneur and founder of BonWorth clothing empire in Hendersonville