Thanksgiving is nearly here, and one thing we hear from a lot of people is how anxious they are about polarized political discussions causing family disunity.  Know what a great way to diffuse a volatile situation?  Change the subject.  Here are some random Thanksgiving facts (some actually relating to insurance!) that you can spout off.

  • New York is the #1 state for grease and cooking fires on Thanksgiving.  North Carolina comes in at #9.
  • More property is damaged and lives are lost from home fires on Thanksgiving Day than any other day and account for $28 million in property losses.
  • The first Thanksgiving was a three-day feast and included such Thanksgiving favorites as venison and eels.
  • An average of about $50 is spent on Thanksgiving meals with about seven hours of cooking involved, yet the time spent eating is only 16 minutes.
  • 88% of Americans include turkey as part of their Thanksgiving meal, which is bad news for roughly 46 million turkeys annually.
  • Almost 80% of us look forward to Thanksgiving leftovers more than the meal itself.
  • With almost 42 million people driving for Thanksgiving, the worst time to be in your car is 3-5 PM the day before.
  • Thanksgiving weekend shoppers spend just under $300, which is about a third of the average holiday budget.

So when Uncle Jack and Cousin Mary start going at each other about what they think will make America great again, try turning the conversation with a few of those tidbits.

Maybe check in with your Home Insurance Agency!

Good luck.

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