Erie Insurance

Erie Insurance has, once again, been recognized by J.D. Powers as one of their Customer Service Champions.

This is the second year in a row that Erie Insurance has earned this distinction.  Unlike the numerous J.D. Power Awards Erie has one in the past, this award is not awarded to only Insurance Carriers.  Instead, Erie Insurance is competing against companies in all industries.  Some of the other brands that were recognized were Ritz-Carlton, Southwest Airlines, and Zappos.

While ALL businesses should strive to provide outstanding Customer Service, success in the Insurance Industry is predicated on doing so.  When you purchase insurance, you are purchasing “a promise”.  Without something tangible a customer can put in his or her hand (like an iPad, Nike Shoes, or a Happy Meal), going above and beyond in Customer Service is what can make or break an Insurance Carrier!

Congrats to Erie Insurance…I am proud to say that ALLCHOICE Insurance represents Erie!