How Much Life Insurance Do I Need?

“How Much Life Insurance Do I Need?” This question is asked on Google Search thousands of times each month! While there are countless online life insurance calculators, the process of determining how much life insurance is right can be quite confusing. There is not a single CORRECT method to determine your life insurance need. In […]

Stay At Home Moms – How Much Life Insurance Do You Need?

ALLCHOICE Insurance Blog Life Insurance Stay At Home Moms – How Much

While the “Stay At Home Mom” may be less prevalent than she was twenty years ago, there are still a large number moms who “work at home”. The problem that must be dealt with is…how much is the “Stay At Home Mom” worth in terms of dollars and cents? The second (and often hardest to overcome) problem comes in convincing both the husband and wife that the “Stay At Home Mom” NEEDS life insurance. Let’s tackle each problem individually.