ALLCHOICE Insurance Announces An APB (All Points Bulletin) For The Best Moms


Bulletin Location – Winston Salem, NC | Greensboro, NC | Durham, NC | Denton, NC | Summerfield, NC

Bulletin Effective – May 11th, 2014

Bulletin Purpose – To Apprehend & Honor North Carolina’s Greatest Mothers

ALLCHOICE Insurance has issued an All Points Bulletin (APB) and have hired the best (and most precious) ALLCHOICE Officer

ALLCHOICE Insurance would like to acknowledge and send praise to all Mother’s on this most special of days.  In particular, ALLCHOICE would like to say thank you to the Mothers of ALLCHOICE for their sacrifice and service….

Melinda Wingate, Jackie Wingate, Trish Hendrix, Cynthia Kavanaugh, Jenna Brewer, Irma Woodlief – THANK YOU!

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