ALLCHOICE Insurance's Ben Vasquez Named Nike Runner Of The WeekALLCHOICE Insurance’s own, Ben Vasquez was honored as Nike’s Runner of The Week!  Congrats Ben!
You are not only a valued member of the ALLCHOICE Team, but you have become a valued member of our family!
Below you will find the story Nike Running did on Ben!

Some people run in high school or college, only to drop off after graduation. Not Nike+ Runner of the Week Ben Vasquez. The former collegiate track and cross-country runner isn’t slowing down now that he’s out in the real world. In fact, he’s doing even more.

After Ben graduated last May, he kept running strong, putting in up to 40-mile weeks. Three months ago, he made a change that brought his post-collegiate running to a new level. “I had been told for some time that I needed to buy a Nike+ GPS SportWatch with all of the running that I do,” Ben says. “Ever since I put this watch on my wrist, I have been a different runner. Each run feels like a race against the clock. At this point I can’t imagine leaving for a run without it.”

Now Ben is running faster and longer—in the last month he’s logged 128 miles—and he threw his hat into a new competition: the half-marathon. “Completing my first half-marathon was a big moment for me,” he says. “It was a lot more grueling than I expected and I ended that race with so much more respect for those individuals who complete full marathons.”

But Ben understands that running is about more than the physical strength to endure. “Running has instilled humility, grace, diligence and perseverance in me since the day I started at age 14,” Ben acknowledges. “Hard work and talent won’t carry you all the way. There is definitely a mentality one has to adopt in order to perform at their peak. For me, this mentality is what pushes me through the more challenging moments during a run and in life.” This awareness is going to help him as he gets after his next goal: a sub-74-minute half-marathon.

Ben, your long-term approach to running and your awareness of its mental side will take you far both on the road and on the road of life. We’re sending you a NIKEiD gift card for a pair of Nike Free Run+. Customize them with words that remind you where you’ve been and where you’re going. We hope you’ll keep running through your whole life.


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