Pigskin For Pink

ALLCHOICE Insurance is pleased to once show its support for NW Guilford High School.  This time, the cause is something that everyone can get behind…Breast Cancer.

WFMY News 2 and Guilford County Schools are partnering in “Pigskin For Pink”, where local students are raising money in their schools to find an earlier detection test for breast cancer.

Friday night (Sept 30th), when NW Guilford takes on High Point Central in football, the players will have an extra piece on their uniforms.  All Viking players will be adourning a Pink Ribbon to show their support for the cause.

We urge everyone to show their support as well by purchasing a “Pink Ribbon”.  The ribbons cost $1.

ALLCHOICE Insurance is please to announce that it will be purchasing 100 Ribbons to support both NW Guilford & the search for an earlier detection test for breast cancer.

We urge you to show your support as well by contacting Trish Hendrix (at ALLCHOICE) to purchase your ribbon!

Trish Hendrix:  336.540.0463 or via email at trish.hendrix@allchoiceinsurance.com