Jack Wingate & Mike Reese Of ALLCHOICE Give TV To Dixie Hull
Jack Wingate and Mike Reese with Dixie Hull

ALLCHOICE Insurance is pleased to announce the Grand Prize Winner of its 2010 Referral Rewards Program.

Dixie Hull (became an ALLCHOICE Customer in November of 2010) was awarded the Grand Prize (42 Inch Plasma TV).

In accepting her prize Dixie stated “I have never won anything in my life!  All I did was tell some friends how pleased I was with the way ALLCHOICE took care of me, and how much money they saved me!”

When asked about ALLCHOICE’s Referral Rewards Program, President Jack Wingate stated; “More than anything our business (Insurance) is about relationships.  The better we are at providing a level of comfort to our customers, the more likely our customers are to tell their friends about us…Thus the more successful ALLCHOICE will be.  We don’t use traditional marketing (Yellow Pages, Radio, TV), to build our business.  Instead, we take our marketing dollars and give it back to our customers.”

ALLCHOICE’s Referral Rewards Program provides 3 different ways to win:

1st – Everytime a referral is made, that person wins a $10 Gift Card

2nd – Each Month a $50 Gift Card is awarded (by random drawing)

3rd – Grand Prize Drawing held once a year (this years Prize was a 42 Inch Plasma TV)

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