They Grow Up So Fast!

Its hard to believe, but today (August 9th, 2010) marks the 6 Year Birthday of ALLCHOICE Insurance!

The road has not been easy, but the ride has definitely been worth it.  While I am blessed to be the proud father of three (3) amazing children, I am also the proud parent of ALLCHOICE!  I have watched as the ALLCHOICE has gone through the stages of developmental progression (crawling, cruising, walking, talking, etc).  As “this baby” has matured, I am proud to know that nothing has been given to us.  I am proud of the long hours.  I am proud of the hard work.  I am proud of the sacrifice.

Most importantly, I am proud that ALLCHOICE has allowed me to be a part of so many great people’s lives.

To all of the ALLCHOICE Family I say, “Thank You”!

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