Ask any business owner, or executive, and they will tell you that the success (or failure) of any organization lies with that organization’s people.  I know within ALLCHOICE, that statement holds true.  The fact is, our Protection Specialists are the front line of our customer facing impression.  If one of our customer’s has a problem…needs additional information…needs additional coverage / policies, or simply needs to talk…they don’t reach out to me or the other sales people, instead they reach out Trish or Nick!

I am honored to have both Trish & Nick on our team!  I know that we would not be where we are at today if it weren’t for their efforts.

Since they don’t have a “Insurance Protection Specialists Day”…we will use this day to honor the work that they do!

I raise my glass to you Trish Hendrix, and to you Nick Brewer

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