ALLCHOICE Insurance - Rise And ShineI am a huge fan of sitcoms!  In fact, that is pretty much all that I watch on television (except for sports, of course).

I know that these shows are NOT REAL, but two things strike me about most sitcoms.

What time do these people have to be at work?

Most every sitcom that includes any group of people, seems to always have morning gatherings at some restaurant for breakfast.  Either, all of these people are extremely early risers…or they do not have to be at some job until 10 AM each day!

Think about your typical day!  How much time exists between the time you wake, until the time you hit the door?

How much money do these people make?

Let’s face it, most of these sitcoms are set in NY.  We all know that the cost of living there is through the roof!  If you ate a simple breakfast at a diner each day…assuming $10 per breakfast…$10 X 30 Days = $300 a month just for breakfast!

Better Solution – Get Your Lazy Butt Out Of Bed And Get Productive

While I will not deal with issue #2 about money…I do think some time should be spent on the benefits of starting your day right!

I read an article from Forbes entitled, “5 Things Super Successful People Do Before 8 AM“.  Basically the article set forth 5 items that some of the world’s most successful people do before most people get out of bed!  From political figure Margaret Thatcher, to Disney CEO Bob Iger…one common trait that exists between the world’s most successful people is that they are early risers!

So, what do these people do that you can copy in order to be a more successful person?

  1. EXERCISE – Most people who maintain an ongoing workout routine, do so in the morning.  The truth is, if you wait to workout in the evenings…there is too high a probability that “something will come up” that “makes” you miss your workout.  You want more energy?  You want better health?  GET YOUR BUTT OUT OF BED AND HIT THE GYM!
  2. MAP OUT YOUR DAY – The average person fails in any endeavor before they even start the task.  The old adage, “Failure To Prepare, is Preparing for Failure”, is true!  Peyton Manning is touted as the best Quarterback in the NFL’s history.  However, Peyton doesn’t have “EXTRA” physical abilities that other NFL Quarterbacks don’t have…instead, he is lauded for his PREPARATION.  He is the first person in the building every morning, and the last person to leave!  Preparation pays!  GET YOUR BUTT OUT OF BED AND PLAN YOUR DAY!
  3. EAT A HEALTHY BREAKFAST – Think of yourself as a car!  If you don’t put fuel in your car…you aren’t going anywhere!  More than just putting “fuel” in your system…you must put the RIGHT kind of fuel in your body!  Stopping at Bojangles (while it is ever so delicious) will do nothing but add inches to your waistline, and increase your cholesterol.  Instead, try cooking up some eggs (or egg whites).  It only takes a few minutes, but your body will thank you!  GET YOUR BUTT OUT OF BED AND EAT SOME BREAKFAST!
  4. VISUALIZATION & PRAYER – I added the “prayer” because you will not find many “media publications” that will mention the benefits of a healthy spiritual life.  In today’s high tech society, our daily life is busier than ever.  There just isn’t that much time during a typical day for people to visualize their lives in positive terms and grow in their spiritual life.  I have seen studies that show that the happiest people are those who have a strong faith in God.  I view “positive visualization” and prayer as intertwined.  If your view of life is…”one day you were born, you live, then you die” then there isn’t much that can make you truly appreciate all the gifts that God has given us.  Thus, there is no way for you to visualize success.  There is no way for you to visualize happiness!  GET YOUR BUTT OUT OF BED, GIVE THANKS TO THE ALMIGHTY, AND UNDERSTAND HOW FORTUNATE YOU ARE!
  5. MAKE YOUR DAY TOP HEAVY – Every day there is that ONE thing that you dread doing!  That one task that you just don’t want to do.  I read a book talking about this subject, and the author referred to this as EATING THE FROG!  Instead of procrastinating, or putting off that one task you just don’t want to do…go ahead and get it out of the way.  If you take care of it first thing…you will be tackling that task when you are at your best.  If you have followed the first 4 steps above, your body will be ripe from hitting the gym, you will have a firm grasp on what you are going to accomplish during the day, your body will be fueled with proper nutrients, and you will be filled with the peace that The Almighty has given you.  SO…GET YOUR BUTT OUT OF BED AND EAT THAT FROG!

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