On this special day, ALLCHOICE Insurance would like to wish everyone a happy and safe Valentine’s Day!

Love truly is this world’s most special gift!

In an attempt to keep this Blog informational, and not just  “sappy”, allow me to pass on some interesting information from a recent study.

According to a study done by GfK Roper, nearly 33 percent of all drivers engage in some form of “romance” while operating a motor vehicle.  Interestingly enough, that is not just on Valentine’s Day.

Twenty-nine percent of drivers surveyed for the InsuranceQuotes.com poll acknowledge they’ve been amorous behind the wheel. That number climbs to 39 percent for highly educated drivers (at least a bachelor’s degree) and high-income drivers (at least $75,000 in annual earnings).

The fact is that 16 percent of all “Fatal Crashes” were attributed to “Distracted Driving”.  Now, “distracted driving” includes many things such as:  texting, emailing, talking on cell phones, and even “smooching”.

So, enjoy this special day of LOVE, but please do it responsibly.