Everyone knows that driving while it’s icy outside can be dangerous, but most people don’t think about the dangers of driving during the summer months. Here are a few things to watch out for. The causes break down into two main categories: summer vacation and warmer weather.

Summer Vacation

School’s out! That’s great for kids who want to go out and do things, but that means there will be a greater number of teen drivers who have less experience, which inevitably leads to a higher risk of accidents.¬†That’s not all though. People take more trips during the summer, even if they’re not leaving town. More cars on the road means more of a chance for accidents, too.

Warmer Weather

The summer’s warmer weather can lead directly and indirectly to an increase in risk factors.

Heat makes air expand. This can cause trouble for tires that are worn, particularly if they’re over-inflated, which can cause blowouts. Of course, your engine is more likely to overheat, too. And don’t forget your own body. Dehydration can lead to feeling poorly and passing out while driving.

Indirectly, people tend to ride bikes, motorcycles and bicycles, more when the weather is warm. There were 4,976 motorcycle deaths and 726 traffic fatality deaths for bicyclists in 2014.

Another and more surprising traffic fatality statistic is that between the years of 2005 and 2014 there were an average of just over 85 deaths in construction areas. Summer is a popular time for road construction and maintenance.

You should always be aware when driving a vehicle, but our hope is that pointing out these summer driving dangers will help you remember to stay aware at all times.

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