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You’ve done your research.  You’ve hired a reputable cybersecurity company to keep your business safe from hacker threats to your social media and internet transactions.  That’s all you need to be protected.  Right?  Unfortunately, no.

With the digital age surging all around us, the threat to our protected information is very real. 

Hacker tactics advance just as quickly as technology develops.  Current evolving threats, such as third-party fake apps, crypto-mining malware, audio hacking and IoT security that depends on end-users to do the updates leave backdoors wide open for any creative hacker to waltz right in and swipe whatever information they want.

Cyber attacks and their resulting data breaches can be financially catastrophic for a company– large and small. 

Cyber risk insurance helps mitigate the financial risk by offsetting recovery costs after the attack for things like forensic investigation expenses, business losses from downtime, lawsuits, and regulatory fines, to name a few. 

With cybercrime damage costs expected to top $6 trillion annually by 2021, can you really afford to be uninsured?

Do You Need Cyber Insurance?

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