Starting as a celebration of Irish heritage, St. Patrick ’s Day has evolved into a celebration of all things green and the United States’ premiere day for drunken shenanigans. In order to keep yourself safe and out of trouble, here are a couple things to remember.

  • Make sure you keep your car doors locked. With more people out than usual, criminals will be looking for easy marks. Parades and parking lots with St. Patrick’s revelers make good cover for thieves looking for unlocked and unattended vehicles. Double checking your car doors may keep you from filing an insurance claim.
  • At this point it should go without saying not to get behind the wheel of a car after drinking alcohol, but nevertheless don’t. As little as two drinks can impair your judgement and ability to operate a vehicle. If you get pulled over, those two drinks will also likely mean a DUI, which will probably raise your premiums.
  • A DUI conviction has all the one-time costs of fines and fees you’d expect, but also the added financial burden of a recurring increase. Lasting for years, the average premium increase after a DUI conviction is over $850.
  • Regardless of your plans, be safe. Make sure you have planned for a safe journey home either by having a designated driver or calling a taxi or ride sharing service.

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