You have a Pitt Bull or another, so-called, vicious dog breed and are having trouble getting home insurance…but why? 

Insurance Carriers that provide homeowners insurance rely upon statistical data to analyze risk.   

When looking at the probability a property will suffer a loss (wind claims, fire claims, lightning claims, etc) insurance carriers can rely upon years of data for a location as well as the insured’s claims & credit history. 

There are actually two components to take into account when analyzing the probability of a homeowners loss…we have already discussed the losses to the actual property.  However,  the insurance policies also provide coverage to protect the homeowners from personal liability lawsuits! 

I hope by now you can guess that the largest percentage of liability claims for Home Insurance are from Dog Bites! 

Insurance Carriers Pay Millions For Dog Bites 

According to a report from the Insurance Information Institute and State Farm, Home Insurance Carrier paid out $675 Million Dollars in 2018 for Dog-Related liability claims

Given that Dog-Related injuries have the highest percentage of all homeowners liability claims, insurance carriers must find ways to mitigate and possibly prevent these claims from occurring. 

The primary way insurance carriers protect themselves from these liability claims is by denying homeowners insurance to people with certain dog breeds or by excluding coverage for liability should a dog bite occur. 

Top 10 Dogs Banned By Home Insurance Carriers 

  1. Pitt Bull 
  2. Rottweiler 
  3. Chow Chow 
  4. Presa Canario 
  5. Akita 
  6. Doberman Pinscher 
  7. Wolf Hybrids 
  8. Mastiff 
  9. Wolf  
  10. German Shepard 

While every carrier can make their own judgment about which Dog Breeds they prohibit…here is a list of the Top 10 Dogs Banned By Home Insurance Carriers 

Of course, there are “good” dogs and “bad” dogs…insurance carriers understand this.  However, statistics show (and have shown) that these certain dogs breeds are more likely to cause & inflict harm that could lead to Liability Claims. 

Can I Get Home Insurance If I Have A Pitt Bull? 

As illustrated above, Pitt Bulls And Home Insurance do not go hand in hand! 

This may be a topic that creates a passionate debate in online forums & social media, but the facts are what they are… 

  1. Pitt Bulls Rank 3rd with regard to the number of recorded attacks (Chihuahua & Bulldog are No. 1 & 2) 
  2. When Pitt Bulls do bite, the resulting injuries are extreme given the strength the dogs have 

However, we know that people love their dogs, and Pitt Bull owners are no different!   

Unfortunately, if you own a Pitt Bull…the majority of North Carolina Home Insurance Carriers will not give you coverage.  There are a few carriers, that will provide a policy to you, but will EXCLUDE Liability Coverage for any claim that results from an action caused by your Pitt Bull! 

These carriers aren’t the well-known carriers that you hear about all of the time, so you need to research the financial stability of these carriers to make sure they are worthy to insure your home! 

I Can Just Tell My Insurance Agent I Don’t Have A Pitt Bull! 

People may say “I just won’t tell the insurance that I have a Pitt Bull!”  I have NEVER seen an application for Home Insurance that did not ask a question along the lines of: 

“Are There Any Dogs Or Exotic Pets On The Premises?” If you answer “YES” you then have to detail how many and what kind!!! 

So what happens if I answer “NO”?

First, you have to understand that an Insurance Application is a LEGAL CONTRACT between you and the insurance carrier. 

Second, if you do not answer any question truthfully…you will be considered in breach of that contract 

Third, if you are found in breach of the contract…the insurance carrier can DENY any claim that may be presented (even if it has nothing to do with the misrepresentation you made). 

Basically, don’t do something to try and “beat the system”!  If you do, understand that you are putting your largest asset (your home) in jeopardy! 

What Are My Home Insurance Options? 

Unfortunately, Pitt Bull owners…or owners of any “vicious” dog breed do not have many options… 

Since captive insurance carriers (think State Farm, Allstate, Nationwide, NC Farm Bureau) don’t have many options other than what they provide themselves (they will not provide home insurance for Pitt Bull Owners or certain other vicious dog breeds) we suggest contacting a local independent insurance agent to help you find the right Home Insurance for you. 

More than likely, you will have to pay an increased premium over a Standard Home Insurance Carrier.   

Obviously, you can contact an ALLCHOICE Insurance Advisor for more information as well. 

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