Getting your driver’s license for the very first time is a big deal.  For some people, getting a new picture on a driver’s license is a pretty big deal too.  However excited you are about your new driver’s license though, make sure you don’t share it on social media.

The New York DMV sees this as a big enough issue that they recently started warning people not to share their licenses on popular sites like Facebook and Twitter.

The problem, of course, is that there’s a lot of sensitive information on a person’s driver’s license.  It contains your full name, address, birthdate , signature and driver’s license number.  All of that information is a treasure trove for identity thieves, and once an image is shared online, it’s hard to get it completely removed.

There are around 15 million cases of fraudulent use of people’s identities in the US alone every year.  Be smart: don’t make it easier for thieves and fraudsters to turn you into another victim.

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