We have all done it.  You get ready to head to work, home, the ballgame, or any number of places when you say 4 of the most hated words in our culture, “I lost my phone”.

To those people (more than likely 18 years old and under) there are “apps” (short for applications) that can be “downloaded” to your phone that have been available forever (in the case of those 18 and unders, forever = a year or so), but now, if you can type “Find My Phone” into Google…you are only a few steps away from locating that lost phone.

If you see that your phone is somewhere close, you can ring your phone right from the computer…if (and more importantly) your phone is somewhere other than your house, you can actually “lock” you phone or completely “wipe” the information from the phone.

Isn’t technology grand (and for the conspiracy buffs out there…now Google and Big Brother can know where you are at ALL THE TIME!)?

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