While most stories you hear about Insurance Carriers place the companies in a bad light, Erie Insurance is proving that some Insurance Carriers are just “built” differently.  On February 11th, Erie announced that it had made a donation $234,782 to the American Red Cross in support of Haiti relief efforts.  The donation was actually a joint effort between Erie Insurance, Erie Insurance Employees, and Independent Erie Insurance Agents.

In the aftermath of the Haiti Disaster, Erie Insurance announced a plan to its employees and Independent Agency Force to help in the relief efforts.  Erie Insurance announced that they would match the collective contribution(s) of its employees and Independent Agency Force up to $100,000.  During the donation phase, Erie Insurance Employees and the Erie Insurance Independent Agency Force donated $92,391.  Erie Insurance not only matched those donations, but included an additional $50,000.

Erie Insurance – A Name You Should Get To Know

Erie Insurance is a regional insurance carrier that does business in 13 States on the east cost.  Founded in Erie, PA, Erie Insurance’s footprint extends as far south as North Carolina.  For insurance consumers in the southern portion of the Erie Insurance Footprint, the insurance carrier’s name is not very recognized in comparison to the “Big Three” Insurance Carriers.  However, Erie’s performance and reputation are every bit as impressive as its larger competitors.  Instead of spending vast amounts of money on large marketing campaigns, Erie chooses to focus on its core principles of providing superior insurance coverages, superior customer service, and superior claims handling.

In addition to fulfilling its role as an Insurance Carrier, Erie understands that it has a role to play within their community(ies).  As a part of their Corporate Citizenship, Erie felt strongly that they had a responsibility to come to the aid of the victims in Haiti.

About The Author:  Jack Wingate is the co-founder and President of ALLCHOICE Insurance, located in Greensboro, NC.  For more information about ALLCHOICE Insurance, Erie Insurance of Jack Wingate, please visit:

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